magic predators

So molly was watching some vh1 popculture re-cap show and they where talking about Chris Hansen and To Catch a Predator and I got to thinking... What if you got some underaged kid to pose as an older person. They show up at the house where Chris Hansen was ready to bust them at and it's really a kid. Do you think that dateline and whoever could get in trouble for talking dirty online with some underage person pretending to be a pedophile? Totally flip their whole world on them? I mean anythings possible on the internet right? YOU DON'T KNOW ME! (well, most of you do..)


not "officially summer" yet, but who's really keepin track?


a dream home - destroyed!!!

can you believe this masterpiece was torn down? that should be illegal. Check out more of Arthur Erickson's homes here: I'm drooling...
Ah! Just in time for the weekend, if yr chilling round the house sipping on a drank.. or headed out to a weekend get away (a few of us Magic VIolencers are headed up to Hershel's on the Bay.. ready to party!!!) it's Ice Cold Chrissy's Sloppy Spring Fling Mix 2009 VOL 2.... this one's pretty fun.. not gunna lie! ;) (click on play to listen on the web, or click on DivShare to get the download!)
HEY PORTS! is this this record player you used to have? a Bang & Olufsen Beogram.. from Denmark? Man, that was ill. Where'd u get it? I saw a pic of one on this (Wary Meyers) rad blog about yard sales, You still rocking two Technic 1200's? U ever see this video of the 45 KING going nutso on two Handy Trax? Kinda wanna myself..... also... wuts the track dropped at 1:48? (also, apparently.. that's a $50 mixer w/ no EQ!) Also, this blog REFERENCE LIBRARY is real ill on the vintage items / homeware tips. Peepsy.


i know that most of y'all make art. i wish i made art, but instead i make cakes for work, sometimes for a living. i made this last night for one of our interns. it's a very SEXUAL cake: chocolate, strawberries, homemade whipped cream, sponge cake? i also make bulletin boards for a living: i also force children to play americas next top model with me: Photobucket Photobucket WHO WILL BE AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL????


THIS WEEKEND STARTS THE FINAL BATTLE FOR THE STANLEY CUP. LETS GO RED WINGS Detroit Red Wings vs Pittsburgh Penguins Playoff Round 4 Home Game 1 Saturday, May 30, 2009 at 8:00 PM Joe Louis Arena Detroit, MI Detroit Red Wings vs Pittsburgh Penguins Playoff Round 4 Home Game 2 Sunday, May 31, 2009 at 7:00 PM Joe Louis Arena Detroit, MI Pittsburgh Penguins vs Detroit Red Wings Playoff Round 4 Home Game 1 Tuesday, Jun 02, 2009 at 8:00 PM Mellon Arena Pittsburgh, PA Pittsburgh Penguins vs Detroit Red Wings Playoff Round 4 Home Game 2 Thursday, Jun 04, 2009 at 8:00 PM Mellon Arena Pittsburgh, PA Detroit Red Wings vs Pittsburgh Penguins Playoff Round 4 Home Game 3 (If Necessary) Saturday, Jun 06, 2009 at 8:00 PM Joe Louis Arena Detroit, MI Pittsburgh Penguins vs Detroit Red Wings Playoff Round 4 Home Game 3 (If Necessary) Tuesday, Jun 09, 2009 at 8:00 PM Mellon Arena Pittsburgh, PA Detroit Red Wings vs Pittsburgh Penguins Playoff Round 4 Home Game 4 (If Necessary) Friday, Jun 12, 2009 at 8:00 PM Joe Louis Arena Detroit, MI


Louisiana donated a firetruck to New York after the Spetember 11 attacks, naming it the "The Spirit of Louisiana." This firetruck was returned to Louisiana in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina.

4.48-5.20 = New Backpack rap magic

Now I know many of yall we're raised on the rapps like I was. So please to check this feel good jammy by JAKEONE about everyones favorite grunge capital. And if you can't get with the rappeurs at least check the instrumental magic at the times above. Buy the White Van Music album, you won't regret it- there's even rapps about the Detroit on it. And truthfully I've been sitting out on a lot of rap records this year, hell last year too. And don't get me started on the various strands of hybrid rap garbage that don't need to leave your ipod- and definitely not get played at the clurb on your ipod. Im just saying "Say no to kid cudi" ( I mean that shit is OLD too- I thought disposable crap was supposed to go quick). GET OFF MY LAWN.
you know?
ok... moving on. i really wanna step things up. i want like, to tap into that super hot "found object art" movement. you know. that real shit. like, i wanna have a show at the "russel industrial complex".. you know.. like the "ART CAVE" and shit... you know what i'm saying? so today at work i tried to excersize my skills. here's what i came up with... OK... i call this piece "FOCUS" after the name of the pink flavor of VitaminWater. I mean, it's conceptaul, with a great reference to popculture, yet so mysterious at the same time. U KNOW? ok... so i call this piece "WHAT WOULD JESUS DRINK (aka: WWJD)" ... notice the use of styrofome, the cross, and the BUD LIGHT LIME... i'm really experimenting with materials and pushing the bounderies of "process" on this one. now i call this piece "THE MAD DOOR TO NOWHERE"... notice how mad the door is. notice the can of sparks he just drank. And if you look closely, he's not inside, HE'S OUTDOORS. Yes, OUTSIDE. I'm really breaking all conventions of the "gallery space" here... from the warehouse, to the BACK YARD... now this is more of a process piece. I call it "OUCH I FUCKING CUT MY FINGERS OPEN LIKE A RETARD".... yes, well all make mistakes... but if they are in the name of art, in my eyes atleast, IT'S ALL GOOD!!!!!
make that art, and make it FUNKY!!!!!!!!!
OK. I just made this Midnite Pancake snack. It's pretty damn good but I think I might throw up. And that BMX bike, well that's my ride. It's Steven's frame and a bunch of parts he gave me and some parts from other places. I put them all together and it totally made a bike. And then, I finally put down the bottle and made a photo set of my ABSTRACT PAINTINGS (<--- dats a link) on that kooky website the kids call Flickr. Now Imma smash my face against the wall until I fall asleep. OR... make new art??? (hmmmmmmm...)

Bike rides are fun.

On Monday I made a bike trip from Minneapolis to Stillwater. It was about 60 miles round trip and had a blast. I rode up there by my self and met my friends Justin and Brenda who had biked up there who had biked up there the day before and stayed at Brenda's  Mom's house.
This is bike trail I took from N. Saint Paul almost all the way to Stillwater.
This is the new bike I was talking about the other day, and after 60 some miles of riding I was still feeling fine.
When I got to Stillwater before I met up with Justin and Brenda I got to see the lift bridge go up and that was pretty cool.
Then we ate some lunch and refueled for the ride home.
I was impressed with Justin and Brenda. Justin did the ride on a fixed gear and Brenda did it on a single speed. Fuck that! I love my gears on longer rides.
Then we saw some pretty cool stuff on the ride home. Like this.
And me looking wiped out, and...
Fun playing with sculpture (take a good look at the photo, haha).
And then we BBQ'd at Justin's place in Saint Paul and Brenda thought is was funny. And that was my Monday, and it was great. I hope for there to be many more like this in the summer to come.


pretty magic by adam.




drunk monkey


A Tribute To Grand Royal

Grand Royal, you know, the label the Beastie Boys ran? Remember those incredibly dope magazines they put out?

Butter 08, the indie rock super group with Cibo Matto, Mike Mills (the artist and not the dude from REM), and Russell Simmins of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. OMG this record totally kills it to this day.

BS 2000, the low budget toy keyboard side project of the Beastie Boys.

Bis, known mostly as the people who did the theme to the Powerpuff Girls. I remember spending hella money on 7 inches and imports before GR finally released their full length in the USA.

Buffalo Daughter are so fucking awesome. I saw them on Halloween '97 in Detroit when I was in high school with Money Mark and Kid Koala. The show was insane. There were 2 dudes dressed like thing 1 and thing 2 from the Cat In The Hat dancing on stage. Everybody was in halloween costumes. This song also has a soft spot in my heart because it is about the very fine Great Lakes.

On Any Sunday

I bought this for my Dad a few years ago, since I'm home for a bit I wanted to get some screenshots up here. It's a Bruce Brown (Endless Summer) documentary about motorcycle culture in the 60s. Super nice 16mm photography, well edited, great music, some really great characters including Steve McQueen, and awesome positive vibes. I'd say it's a must see. This is a clip from the films sublime ending. This beach is actually just 20-30 minutes from where I'm sitting right now! Heres the trailer.