Water Cops - "Hart Plaza" (First Show)

Thanks to Chrissy for getting some footage of our first show!


Set aside some time this evening to watch this (23min). There is some nudity, it's sometime hard to tell if you are looking at male or females exposed breast, just a warning those easily offended or at work.

American Juggalo from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.


ccu : all i see is drama by icecoldchrissy hey ya'll. we're all friends here. there's nothing more sad then a good idea gone bad. GROUP HUG!!! and happy first day of autumn! xoxox

Rat Rods

                                 Anton Stankowski


on the drive home from port austin on sunday we stopped at this gas station/truck stop and not only can you buy ice cream, sandwiches, fresh baked cookies and doughnuts but you can also buy riffels and pistols too


(karen - that smashed jeep is right down the street from your old apartment! torandoes in ferndale.)

what r u watching?