the new white iphone and white ipad

little robocop

Skip to 0:50 and then to 2:00 if you got no a-span!

i wish i was really smart

took me a while to figure out what this was all about. click on it.^

Nicole Kidman in “BMX Bandits” (1983)

Before the celebrity marriages, Stanley Kubrick movies and hair straightener, Nicole Kidman started her career playing a BMX-loving supermarket checkout girl in the low-budget and fun-loving Australian sport-action film "BMX Bandits." As the frizzy-haired Judy, the then 15-year-old Kidman, clad in yellow helmet and pink racing shirt, and her cohorts P.J. and Goose get chased across the suburbs of Sydney by a gang of incompetent, would-be bank robbers who think the kids have stolen their walkie talkies. The film inspired the Wheatus song "BMX Bandits" whose animated video features a red-haired Nicole stand-in and the chorus shout-out "Hey Nicole!"




Notice the hat! OH SNAP!!!

Don't quit!

Peace Corps

Got the official word. I am departing late June... Won't know the country until my packet arrivvvesss. But the email stated "caribbean" !!!! Wish me luck yall- Oh yeah, my title is "Life Skills Advisor"... Which is hilarious..


Via Marine Layer Productions pretty much the sickest blog out there.

FOR MY RADIOHEAD FANS JK, (embedded disabled because Radiohead is soooo cool ... but check out how sick this is. Not many realized, but a huge earthquake shook New Zealand at the end of Feb. These local dudes are skating it. The black top is all wobbly like a frozen water bed! So iLL. ^ also, coolest dad award.

Sienfeld Sneakers

So I bought a second hand pair of pretty ugly shoes that Molly and I have been calling "my sienfeld shoes" Then I saw this:

tigers on surf boards


"Sometimes... at work.... i want to light myself on fire" got this via gchat from a coworker
more here

dolla dolla billz ya'll


old men dancing

the rippin and the tearin, the rippin and the tearin
^^^ amazing hand drawn animation ^^^