MV: So Matt, you once told me you hate the texture of fish, but you love salami. Can you please explain to us why you love salami, and what it is about the texture of salami that speaks to you?

MC NUZZI: We aren't having this interview

MV: Can't you just tell us a little bit about your salami passion?

MC NUZZI: Ha ha no

MV: Ok, well, the Mayan Calendar says that the world is going to end this Friday. What are you going to do Thursday night?

MC NUZZI: I'm going to watch NICADOLINE

MV: Nickelodeon?


MV: New Years is right around the corner. Do you have any New Years resolutions?

MC NUZZI: No plans yet and you?

MV: I have a bunch of New Years Resolutions... no more drugs unless they're given to me free and the gym everyday is the first one. You haven't thought of a single New Years Resolution?

MC NUZZI: No more monkeys jumpin on the bed.

MV: Do you have lots of monkey's jumping on your bed at your new house?

MC NUZZI: Yessss

MV: Why don't you tell the MV readers about your new house up north?

MC NUZZI: I'm not really up north - you make sound like I live by The Thumb.

MV: Well I just looked on a map and you're now the farthest north of all the MV posters from the past.

MC NUZZI: Ha ha ha ha ha ha yea

MV: So you're house is definitely not down south. Are there any final last words you like to say to our readers? Any final message for our readers and MV fans?