2010 mustang gt


after 7 years my suburau has just turned 150,000 miles this morning on my way to work. seems like just yesterday i got it brand new and was driving off the dealership parking lot when it had .04 miles when i first got it.

apple baked goods (nerds)

A little history on Belle Isle.

from http://www.historydetroit.com/ -

In the very early days of Detroit, Belle Isle, then known as Ile Aux Cochons or Hog Island, was used by settlers to house pigs and chickens to protect them from coyotes on the mainland. Ottawas and Ojibwa tribes were the "owners" of the island.
During Pontiac's siege of Detroit in 1763, the houses on Belle Isle were destroyed and the family of resident, James Fisher, was murdered. Jean Myer accused Alexis Cuillerier of drowning one of James Fisher's children. No court existed in Detroit at the time, and Cuillerier had some powerful connections and relationships, thus he was only kicked out of Detroit. After his exile, several witnesses testified in Cuillerier's behalf. Cuillerier was proven innocent and on June 4, 1769, Turnbull called him back to Detroit.

On May 4, 1768, Lieutenant George McDougall, a soldier in the British garrison at Detroit, was given permission by King George III to "occupy" Belle Isle. Despite the fact that the citizens of Detroit would lose their rights to the island and have to find other means of housing cattle and other animals, McDougall purchased the island on June 5, 1769 from the Ojibwa and Ottawa owners for a total of 8 barrels of rum, 3 rolls of tobacco, 6 pounds of vermillion, and a wampum belt.

baby racoon

a friend of mine just emailed me this picture. a baby racoon sleeping in a tree over at his brother's house in his front yard - HOW CUTE

Swampadelic stripper din - Sonic upstarts' most complete record yet

Dutch Pink has been sculpting its baroque, barroom stomp sound since 2004, but it wasn't clear until 2007's Six Little Songs for Ourselves, a brief series of sonnets set to disconcerting melodies, what the band was capable of. More than anything, however, the EP was proof this Detroit trio could come out to play from under the cloud of Tom Waits. The band's latest, Times New Roman, is its most complete record yet. Written in the spring of 2008 and recorded with Dan Currie at "The Bunker," the 10-song set is rich in layers, with singer and lyricist Dustin Leslie's voice up front, his callous pronunciations cutting in clarity. Wistful stanzas bounce between sparsely plucked chords on the opening title track, transforming into eclectic crashes over which Leslie spits his story. It's hopscotch and hangovers/ capricious cowards and barstool poets/ with the Byzantium blues at best/ are undertaken. This is all nighttime music, ballads for lit-fan drunkards with broken hearts, wild streaks, and wanderlust. "Corn Palace Heirs," opens with jangly piano sustained in voodoo mood. It's a ghostly narrative that tells of danger and sex, almost like a grimier take on the Traveling Wilburys' "Tweeter and the Monkey Man," substituting drugs, cops and junkies for Midwestern vixens, whiskey and nightmares. We travel from Tuscaloosa to Baton Rouge, from truck stops to fairs and Aesop's butcher. The scarcity of "Jacquelyn," which sounds very impromptu, has a gem of lyric in You always be jaded/ I'll always be broke/ I don't mind if you don't. But it's a muddy dredge to the bitter end. Following up with "My Kind of Loser," the band shows that, at heart, they're a beautiful blues band. Slow and sweet, Leslie pushed his broken soul out as best he can. And he can. "Byzantine Blues" sees the band step back into the Detroit garage. Full of unruly swagger, this straight shot of rock 'n' roll sounds like it's meant to be heard live. "Dollhouse, MO" shows a different side of the Dutch Pink blues, the Screamin' Jay Hawkins thing. Dutch Pink's record release show is 9 p.m., June 24, at the Magic Bag, 22920 Woodward Ave., Ferndale; themagicbag.com; $7. Free album download for all in attendance, and a limited edition vinyl release will be available. The Juliets and Faux Paws support.

State releases photo of rare Upper Peninsula cougar

A trail cam picture snapped in late May appears to show a cougar on the move in Menominee County -- the latest to be discovered in the Upper Peninsula. For decades, the presence of cougars in Michigan has been hotly contested. But in the last century, state wildlife officials have confirmed the presence of cougars only six times -- now seven -- all in the Upper Peninsula. Those confirmations have all taken place within the last two-and-a-half years. The latest appearance was in an area near Wallace near the Wisconsin border. A trail cam picture taken May 26 shows the body of a cougar moving out of view to the left. The animal's head cannot be seen. Michigan's Department of Natural Resources and Environment received word of the photo on June 11 and dispatched a field investigator to the area. "The information... collected was shared with the DNRE's trained cougar team," reads a department press release, "and the consensus was reached that the photo and supporting documentation indicated the animal was a cougar." "This is the first confirmed cougar picture in Menominee County. We appreciate the cooperation of the caller who shared the photograph and contacted the DNRE," said DNRE wildlife biologist Kristie Sitar in the release. The animals are considered an endangered species in the state.

live from jimmy fallon - photo by dan edelstein

my good friend dan edelstein manages Travis McCoy and right now they're at the tapping of jimmy fallon for tonite and he just sent me this pic to my cell phone. in the photo its Travis McCoy playing with the roots.

wai lana

not only am i into the yoga dancing, i loved the song. is something wrong with me?

Teen arrested, accused of pointing gun at Rochester High student

A 17-year-old Pontiac boy was arrested and arraigned Wednesday, accused of bringing a gun to Rochester High School last week, pointing it at another student and pulling the trigger. Allante Thompson was arraigned before 52-3 District Court Magistrate Marie Soma in Rochester Hills on charges of carrying a handgun in a weapons-free school zone — a five-year felony — and felonious assault in a weapons-free school zone — a four-year felony. His bond was set at $5,000 with 10 percent allowed to be posted for release. Police say Thompson entered the locker room at the school around 2:45 p.m. June 8 while several students were preparing for athletic practices. He lifted up his shirt, pulled a handgun from his waistband, pointed it at a student sitting on a bench and pulled the trigger, police said. No projectile was fired, police said, and the weapon didn’t appear to have any ammunition in the chamber. Thompson acted like it was a joke and walked away, police said. The incident was not reported until Friday after a teacher noticed that the 17-year-old student wasn’t acting as he normally does. When the teacher questioned the student, he told her that the gun had been pointed at him. The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office began investigating at that point. During an investigation, other students reported seeing Thompson that day with either a gun or something that looked like a gun. Some students said they saw him point it at the other student, and one student saw Thompson remove the ammunition clip from the weapon, rack out the round that was in the chamber and then point the gun at the student, according to police. The student who reported the incident attends Rochester High School. Thompson attends the Alternative Center for Education in Rochester Hills and played on the Rochester High School basketball team. Thompson has been suspended from school.


Dutch Pink Wrap Up Times New Roman "I remember talking to you a while ago," drummer David Iannuzzi looks past me, down the bar to address his longtime friend, singer/guitarist Dustin Leslie, "and you were furious, actually, that we weren't done with this album yet. You'd realized that there was all of this hope, a new administration, the stimulus money, people thinking things are going to get better and you were like, 'No! We wrote this way back here, before!'" The pair, with bassist Clyde, make up Dutch Pink. Their batch of redemptive ballads, Times New Roman, is, after a year and a half of hanging in limbo, finally being released (6/24 at the Magic Bag). "We wrote this fucking album three years ago," Leslie says, unable to restrain an amplified exclamation. "We wrote this when people started losing their jobs at the beginning of the recession, at the tail end of our own 30-month-long orgy of songwriting." As Clyde had pointed out earlier, the album title is allegorical of Detroit being the modern paradigm of the Roman Empire's ruin. "And the only reason it's coming out now is because we actually lost our jobs," he clarifies with bemoaned irony. The dynamics of Dutch Pink, and the heart each player exudes, are so much more nuanced because there is a thick bond of familial friendship between the players. After surviving a flooded rehearsal space and brief stints of unemployment, the band is finally releasing their third proper LP — and after seven years as a band (and two decades as friends), feeling rejuvenated and resolved. RDW

james street id

We could have been Canadian.

work entrance

this is what i did on lunch today


Listen carefully

Someone sent me this- and I was like- that voice sounds familiar- some of you other MV'rs might feel the same way- even if you don't it's worth your time...

hello MV from istanbul!!

this cat means business



Track Listing

Designasaur - Going To The Truck Stop
Cotton Candy - Hot Wieners (All The Way)
Swell Maps - Let's Build A Car
Selfish Agenda - Bizarre Drum Triangle
Coyote Clean Up - Full Moon Dub w/ RK47
Pleasure Seekers - What A Way To Die
Johnny Ace - Pledging My Love
Beat Happening - Bury The Hammer
Ice Cold Chrissy starring Sheena Dangers - Sheena Rangeela (Full Body)
Handsome Boy Modeling School - The Hours
Thee Midnighters - The Town I Live In
demaggz 2007 the saratoga house. sick.

red panda!!!

i love rock and roll

ewok announcement

So lovelies, to all I have not told.. I've signed up for Peace Corps. Just sent in the final shit today. No, I do not know where I'm going yet, or when. But in the meantime.. Ewok is prolly gonna get a tatoo, and tag a wall by my house. Any other suggestions for what I should do while still in MI? Any ideas are appreciated! I've also got some other shit in the works I may inform you of.. This is semi final. Loves you alls!


now wait just a minute here...

real talk

Baby lemur debuts at Detroit Zoo

Visitors to the Detroit Zoo will be among the first to see a baby black-and-white ruffed lemur that is making its debut this morning. This is the second year the zoo has been able to celebrate the birth of the critically endangered species, zoo spokeswoman Patricia Janeway said. Born May 8, the baby is a female named Kintana, which means "star." Kintana joins parents Fleur and Goodall and twin siblings Alina and Aloke, born in June 2009. The lemur family can be found between the snow monkeys and white rhinos. "Kintana is a welcome addition to a small population of captive lemurs that could help keep this species from extinction," said Chief Life Sciences Officer Scott Carter. There are approximately 215 black-and-white ruffed lemurs in North American zoos, officials said. The black-and-white ruffed lemur, a tree-dwelling primate native to eastern Madagascar, is the largest of all lemur species.