4.48-5.20 = New Backpack rap magic

Now I know many of yall we're raised on the rapps like I was. So please to check this feel good jammy by JAKEONE about everyones favorite grunge capital. And if you can't get with the rappeurs at least check the instrumental magic at the times above. Buy the White Van Music album, you won't regret it- there's even rapps about the Detroit on it. And truthfully I've been sitting out on a lot of rap records this year, hell last year too. And don't get me started on the various strands of hybrid rap garbage that don't need to leave your ipod- and definitely not get played at the clurb on your ipod. Im just saying "Say no to kid cudi" ( I mean that shit is OLD too- I thought disposable crap was supposed to go quick). GET OFF MY LAWN.


CJS said...

awwwwwww shit! haha. i feel u on "kid cudi"

but that spot at the begining of the video, THAT"S MY JOINT!

DICK'S on BROADWAY .. catch ice cold chrissy thur chilling at 1:00 a.m. sipping on a milkshake w/ hannah, pete, jimmy, WHOEVER


CJS said...

man, thanks a lot for posting this

i know all the spots!!!!!