Vomit. Vomit. Whatever. You wear a tiara in public.

this website has been brought to my attention: textsfromlastnight.com
it's pretty rightous and hilarious, its like FML, but not lame and i hope it doesn't become some mainstream lame ghey ass shit like everything else. however, i am exposing it to the masses...so it probz will go south from here. EXAMPLES:
(817): I need to shower the guilt off of my thighs.
(248): is swine flu sexually transmttd?
(313): Ha no, why?
(248): sriously ive never had a hangovr this bad
(546): Just did shrooms. Don't feel shit! Wsasted 40 bucks on this! Nothing's happenig except for this little gnome on my shoulder and the couch is melting. Fuckin waste of money.
my fave ever:
(973): On a scale from 0 to 24...wait, 3 to 24, where 6 is the lowest and 12 is the highest, how freaking high re you right now?
which of you sent that 248 number???

Everybody fuck off.

What the fuck am I doing MOST of the time? So I've realized I tend to give people way more credit than they are due. Which I've always kinda thought was a nice quality.. But man lately? Bad shape. Time to become the worlds biggest asshole instead of the worlds biggest ego stroker. What say you? Sounds like an amazing plan to me!!
I luv u magic violence :)
Listen to loves gone bad first- they called Chris Clark- "the white negress" over in england (or was that dusty springfield?) but at any rate- a funky white lady on an otherwise black label- with a killer sound. She recorded another album on the (then) recetly formed weed label (a questionably named motown subsidiary) entitled cc rides again- with a seriously bad ass cover (motorcylce in the dessert related). As soon as that one ends hit play on the next one- Tammi Terrel recorded this song as a little girl- lyrics by Mr. Stevie Wonder- who would later record a much groovier (read:70's) version of the same song. This one never was released untill recently and it's heartbreakingly perfect- to me atleast. She died of a brain tumor I think, in her mid 20's- brain tumors are rough- but the good news is, they're getting better at treating them all the time.
RIDICULOUS! amazing! Me and RK47 are READY FOR FUN!

V MAG Sketches

so hot, so cool, so sexy.

baby steps 

Humans are cockroaches!!!

— Circa 8,000 B.C.: With an estimated world population of 4 million people, the Agricultural Revolution starts, bringing about increased population growth as nomadic hunter-gatherer communities transition to settlement and farming. — 1 A.D: The planet's population reaches an estimated 230 million people. — 1830: The planet's population reaches 1 billion people. — 1927: The planet's population hits 2 billion. — 1960: The planet's population reaches 3 billion. — 1974: The planet's population hits 4 billion. — 1987: The planet's population reaches 5 billion. — 1999: The planet's population reaches 6 billion people. Also this year, India's population reaches 1 billion. — 2008: The planet's population reaches 6.6 billion. For the first time in history, half of all people live in urban areas.
so i got Dave's zine in the mail, super ILLL!!! 


For all you VBS.TV "SOFT FOCUS: W/ Ian Svenonius" fans... u may or may not (but should, or now do) know he had a lil band called The Make-Up. Well I just stumbled into this video of them after doing a lil "Top: Five Records on Dischord" (the All-Scars record wasen't on there, and they bang... but whatevs).. at about 2:07 (AND the still image!) Ian's standing on Me and Amanda's shoulders + hands. My hair was died blonde and short. Dude that shit hurt!!! (But finding this video was ill!!! LOL.)
I couldn't find any like, DIY SURGICAL MASK webpages. Wuts up with that? Well I found one on e-How but it was kinsy lame-o. I think the way to go is like, buy one off the shelf, and then make your own of your design that is slightly smaller, that you put over the other one. (Make sense? IDK, I think that's what they do in Japan.)Either way, think imma order some vintage Marimekko fabric and drop some bombsy.
It's been drawn to my attention that only Danny D, Angel Cakes, and Myself are well versed in the Mighty Boosh. How could that be? U know, my life was recently changed by the Boosh... I felt it coming, ESP style, but I can't imagine life without it now! The Office, I sry, U laid off. Tina Fey, get some new glasses and maybe we'll talk. In the meantime, join in the fun! AWESOME SONG RIGHT HERE (P.S. U can watch full episodes on the "Adult Swim" webpage... the new one is called The Party... so good!) P.S. (I haven't felt this way about a TV since PowerPuff Girls, and even then, I wasen't as sexually aroused as I am now.)

super stoked on this swine flu

swine flu = sanitary protective breathing masks = new reason for fashion statement!!!!! these ones are from mexico: i'm not gonna lie, i think we can do better... i might work on one this weekend.

Don't hate; Celebrate!

Edit* ; I take it back... regardless lol
HONEY BANE! So ill. Haven't listened to them since like, 9th grade, going surfing, with Crass tapes bumping on the headphones. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.
I got a copy of Dave Cheal's new zine in the mail today and it's totally the bomb. Holler at him if want one! ;)

Gary. from frankie bank$ on Vimeo.


My homegirl T-Bones got me thinking about summer reading! Wut u gunna read this summer? I have no idea! Put us on! ;)

iceland book in the works

Hello from MPLS

I'm pretty sure that i'm the newest contributor to MV and I wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I'm bicycle mechanic/designer (I like saying bike mechanic first because I'm having more fun doing that these days than being a designer) living in Minneapolis, MN. I grew up in Rochester Hills, Michigan and then moved to MPLS and received my BFA in Graphic Design from MCAD in 2007, and have worked at a couple of branding studios here in MPLS.
I want to start out by saying that I've been skeptical of joining the blogging world because of the over saturation of design/art/culture/fashion/music/whatever blogs out there. I do have to preface that I am almost a slave at times to checking certain blogs almost daily, but so much of what I see is just recycled imagery from other blogs with similar content. I once read on a music blog from Detroit (yes, i understand the irony) that anyone with a blogger acount thinks that they're Lester Bangs and has the right to "publish" there opinion. Later I had read another article posted on yet another blog interviewing one of the creators of Ray Gun Magazine and his critique on the blog world is that anyone can "publish their own work with little effort or time involved as opposed to the day of the self-published zine and the amount of time, effort, passion, and dedication it took to produce something tangible and for that reason the real cutting edge and exceptional work stood out. But now since there is such an over saturation of stuff coming out it can be difficult to find the good in all of this.
Well, coming back to why I'm here posting. Ryan was just recently visiting MPLS from Detroit and had asked me if i would like to contribute to the group blog that he is apart of (this one) and he had explained that is more of a sharing of ideas among a circle of like minded people (and from what I understand all native to the Detroit area) living in different parts of the country. I saw that as a great opportunity to stay in-touch with some people I haven't seen in years and broaden my creative view past MPLS which can often be rather isolated.
I hope that this was not to long of a rant for an introduction and I'm very happy to apart if MV and share my influences as well as see all of yours. I looks forward to posting what I feel like.

what's happening? iannuzzi is out of office for the week, swine flu on the prowl, coyote clean up from the ghetto the meadow tour is complete... and i kinda woke up with that... summer bummer feeling. u know like, you're all amped for summer, then it starts, and you realize everyone's like off on vacation and schools out and you're all lonely left in the dust? so you polish up ur skateboard and dial in yr bmx bike and u go for all u got. speaking of flushing yr nose with a lil salt and warm water. i should go surfing.. move to a beach town. the OG netti pot.. nature's netti pot. so after the coyote clean up show ANGEL gave me some awesome face paint styles like whiskers and a nose and i didn't rly wanna wipe it off. so i like kept it on the whole next day at danny d's and it was real awesome. i kept on forgetting about it, u know? but then i went to the bar and everyone was like OMG. it was pretty kwl u know? what was fun is i went and slept in the back of danny's car and then he drove me home while i got to lay in the back and we listened to thom yorke. oh but anyways... so this one guy i always see in the cassy corridor area was like 'do u have motor oil on your face?' and i was like oh no, it's from last night, blah blah blah.. and he's like, "that's wuts up.. RIDE IT TIL THE WHEELS FALL OFF."


Sinus infection? Allergies? Bored? Poor some salt water up your nose. I do.
super fun weekend! total spring jump-off! too fun for pics? i think i lost my camera. don't get swine flu! major nagl.

Do NOT fuck with Stevie Wonder.

This drum solo KILLLLSSSSSS!


2NIGHT AT CRaNRBOOk! /angel and i will b bar tending and playing some Free Dancing Party Games!! 
ENDLESS DANCE All the players are dancing in pairs. The leader is in the center. He/she holds a stick in his/her hands. The leader throws the stick and all the dancers change their partners. The leader tries to take up somebody's place. The player who has no pair is a leader. He/she takes the stick and does the same as the previous leader.

im off to california tomorrow and return may 2nd



for you cheeto lovers...like britbrit or l.tonyan.

snack attack! ryan cady, we need to make our magical snack mix ASAP. let's collaborate.
World's Largest Cheeto and the Optimus Maximus from Gizmodo on Vimeo.
my buddy post this on his blog. never heard / seen this one! so iLL! ;)