magic predators

So molly was watching some vh1 popculture re-cap show and they where talking about Chris Hansen and To Catch a Predator and I got to thinking... What if you got some underaged kid to pose as an older person. They show up at the house where Chris Hansen was ready to bust them at and it's really a kid. Do you think that dateline and whoever could get in trouble for talking dirty online with some underage person pretending to be a pedophile? Totally flip their whole world on them? I mean anythings possible on the internet right? YOU DON'T KNOW ME! (well, most of you do..)


MACE said...

I mean I get what your saying, but I think we can agree no matter what invasion of privacy/serious mental issues that shouldn't be media fodder/exploitation that show used, at least a couple hundred kids got saved from having their wieners rubbed and a then being fucked up for life as a result so IMO I think overall it's not so bad. Plus I thought those shows aired after the person had been convicted of the crime?

That being said. Your plan would probably work cause everyone of those shoes I saw the dude was quite small with a totally pre-pubecent voice.

Remember that one with the guy who got naked and had a bucket of Cool Whip? EPIC

MACE said...

lol shoes?

MATTO said...

I hear you, I just wonder if any dudes that got tricked, never would have been in that position if it wasn't for the trickery. Not that I think it's a cool thing to try and do. I'm just saying who knows whats what on the internet. I mean there's no way to defend this shit without looking like some kind of pervert sympathizer, but dudes are not child molesters, atleast not that day- at that house. They maybe dudes who could/might "act" like child molesters but thats a different thing. Shit I drive 80 mph all the time, if I was in a 45 zone that shit would be illegal- but it's not.

-not creepy dude (seriously)

PS some dude shot himself after he was caught on TV with this shit- they should make a movie about that. His sister sued! I nominate Phillip Seymour Hofmang for the lead.


MATTO said...

And I don't think most of those guys that showed up were looking for "weiners"- not that that matters.

-a saved weiner

CJS said...

haha, the PREDATOR SWITCHEROO show would be epic. i would def watch it.

the guy who host the real show creeps me out so bad, i kinda feel he is a predator.

however, i think talking sexually, as an adult, to 14 year olds or media profitteers on the internet pretending to be 14 year olds, should be illegal in itself. fuck that shit. wait til you have kids ports. everyone involved in this whole show, on both sides, sucks shit. boycott.