A Tribute To Grand Royal

Grand Royal, you know, the label the Beastie Boys ran? Remember those incredibly dope magazines they put out?

Butter 08, the indie rock super group with Cibo Matto, Mike Mills (the artist and not the dude from REM), and Russell Simmins of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. OMG this record totally kills it to this day.

BS 2000, the low budget toy keyboard side project of the Beastie Boys.

Bis, known mostly as the people who did the theme to the Powerpuff Girls. I remember spending hella money on 7 inches and imports before GR finally released their full length in the USA.

Buffalo Daughter are so fucking awesome. I saw them on Halloween '97 in Detroit when I was in high school with Money Mark and Kid Koala. The show was insane. There were 2 dudes dressed like thing 1 and thing 2 from the Cat In The Hat dancing on stage. Everybody was in halloween costumes. This song also has a soft spot in my heart because it is about the very fine Great Lakes.


MATTO said...

Soo ahead of their time, or should I say part of the few that we're right on time- at the right time- all the time.

Now, can we get a ben is dead apreesh
for the other magazine nostalgics...

CJS said...

i love that bs3000 shit

"do the scrappy it'll make u happy"


mungibli said...

yeah, that show was awsome! I talked to buffalo daughter in Japanese afterwards.... and my toungue melted.