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today my 2003 subaru forester just 160,000 miles after 8 years


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this just came in mail but i have no use for it
The second mix in my Static Soul series. Some easy listening for the noise heads. Tracks from: Joseph Suchy, Fennesz, Oneohtrix Point Never, Oval, Fenn O' Berg, Emeralds, Brian Eno, Black Dice, Terrestrial Tones.

Visual supplement @ Static Soul #2 by Count Macey

When Puss go out, rat tek ova di house.

There are many amazing Jamaican proverbs, but this one my friend Crystal decieded fits for last saturday... Basically, my folks were gone for the day and told me they didn't care if I had people over. In typical Ewok fashion of partially losing my mind, I promptly called everyone to come over and pre drink at my place before we went over to our friend Mally's. I started drinking at 1:30pm. Keep in mind we have a 7:00pm curfew. I had just hung up all my cloths to dry. In hindsight, REALLY embarrassing, because, I mean EVERYTHING was out there... BUT, since I was getting drunk, I somehow forgot that was an issue. So JA has this crazy white over proof rum that is EVERYWHERE... So naturally, we drank lots and lots of rum... And almost all of us blacked out!! Haha... I woke up and didn't remember my friends leaving, or going to bed. All of our memories are a little hazy. The next day we went with Camille and her uncle to this crazy river... And Camille filled us all in on what was going on. Camille and Tyane are our language teachers, which makes them "staff" which means that they cant drink if we are. Lol.

 Water tank
 Chris, Crystal, Mally

 Virginia pretending to be passed out
 Sara being goofy in the kitchen
 T gets back rub under the cloths... lol
 T likes to take pictures; This glass was later broken...
 Before the awful game of "I never ever", which I hardly played out of principle... Family Fued instead...
 Me and Dad when I made him come hang out with us...
SO, lots of rum later=redic whitey dance party djayed by me and Tyane and Camille, drunk wrestling in which Crystal popped Sara's shoulder out of the socket (she crouched down and said "don't fucking touch me" over and over to anyone who came near her until she fixed it...) And apparently I grabbed Sara up in a huge hug later that almost sent us over the railing.. 2 broken glasses, a host family that came home to rediculosness and now I am kinda embarrassed, smoked a whole pack of ciggs, had cloths hanging all over the place, played drunken facebook family fued with Tyane and then accidentally left some dumb drunk comment on T's facebook cos I was still signed in as him... Lolol... One week of training left! Will we make it? Then we get scattered across the island, all alone... I better get it together, huh? P.s. we never made it to Mally's. And we got to break curfew because of the presence of our Jamaican friends. No pictures of Camille, which sucks. This is long as shit I know. Sorry guys!

japan seriously? wtf.

More creepy robot "girlfriends"


This is my friend Tyane. He works for peace corps as a "language and cross-cultural facilitator". Aka, he teaches me patwa. Yea for Jamacian friends!! :)

for CJS


Da Bush.

Today me and my host "Dad" (He's 36) Kirpatrick went to "country" or "da bush" to visit his parents on their farm. It was out in the middle of nowhere which meant 2 and a half hours of driving, smoking grits with Kirk and goofing off. We stopped and had jerk pork in Ochi Rios (major tourist spot, but BEST jerk pork), taking the long way, and finally made it into St. Ann. His folks were real cool, his Dad was harvesting pimentos, but I felt shy asking to take his picture. I DID however get a lot of cool shots... On the way home we sang songs like "Back to Life, Back to Reality". I am really thankful I ended up living with someone that I can share jokes with and laugh over shitty youtube clips. Life has been a ok...

 They have Total in JA!!
 People here are really into their shitty 90's Japanese cars...
 Funniest road signs ever here. Personal favorite: "Running the red light may put out your own light" or "Speeding Kills: Don't be in a hurry to enter eternity" lololol... Good thing you told me...

 Get your carwash and drink on...
 Jerk pork with yellow pepper sauce and sweet potato...
 Kirk... aka "Dad"
 This is the driveway to Kirk's parent's house. He looks like a scary caveman...lolol. Hangin with Kirk is awesome cos hardly anyone calls me "whitey" and dudes won't blatently hit on me!! Lol. His wife is awesome too.

 This is a breadfruit. You roast it over an open flame until it is black, then peel it and sear it. It's awesome! Texture and taste of a light bread...
Stupid and sideways, but this is ackee. It hasint opened yet so its still poisines, but once it opens you can harvest it, remove the seeds that look like giant black jelly beans the "fruit" tastes like scrambled eggs after you cook it.

Thats about it. <3 you all, and miss yous!!