Bike rides are fun.

On Monday I made a bike trip from Minneapolis to Stillwater. It was about 60 miles round trip and had a blast. I rode up there by my self and met my friends Justin and Brenda who had biked up there who had biked up there the day before and stayed at Brenda's  Mom's house.
This is bike trail I took from N. Saint Paul almost all the way to Stillwater.
This is the new bike I was talking about the other day, and after 60 some miles of riding I was still feeling fine.
When I got to Stillwater before I met up with Justin and Brenda I got to see the lift bridge go up and that was pretty cool.
Then we ate some lunch and refueled for the ride home.
I was impressed with Justin and Brenda. Justin did the ride on a fixed gear and Brenda did it on a single speed. Fuck that! I love my gears on longer rides.
Then we saw some pretty cool stuff on the ride home. Like this.
And me looking wiped out, and...
Fun playing with sculpture (take a good look at the photo, haha).
And then we BBQ'd at Justin's place in Saint Paul and Brenda thought is was funny. And that was my Monday, and it was great. I hope for there to be many more like this in the summer to come.

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CJS said...

that's awesome! look like a blast!

i think this summer's gunna be good for everyone! ;)