Vomit. Vomit. Whatever. You wear a tiara in public.

this website has been brought to my attention: textsfromlastnight.com
it's pretty rightous and hilarious, its like FML, but not lame and i hope it doesn't become some mainstream lame ghey ass shit like everything else. however, i am exposing it to the masses...so it probz will go south from here. EXAMPLES:
(817): I need to shower the guilt off of my thighs.
(248): is swine flu sexually transmttd?
(313): Ha no, why?
(248): sriously ive never had a hangovr this bad
(546): Just did shrooms. Don't feel shit! Wsasted 40 bucks on this! Nothing's happenig except for this little gnome on my shoulder and the couch is melting. Fuckin waste of money.
my fave ever:
(973): On a scale from 0 to 24...wait, 3 to 24, where 6 is the lowest and 12 is the highest, how freaking high re you right now?
which of you sent that 248 number???


RK47 said...

jeremy told me about this the other day .. he suggested i add " How many hearta had michael bolten had broken do u think, ???) "

Angelcakes said...

OMG, do it. seriously, add it. i wish you had texted the:

"i just want my boo to come over and hold my brain with his icicle hands."