Hello from MPLS

I'm pretty sure that i'm the newest contributor to MV and I wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I'm bicycle mechanic/designer (I like saying bike mechanic first because I'm having more fun doing that these days than being a designer) living in Minneapolis, MN. I grew up in Rochester Hills, Michigan and then moved to MPLS and received my BFA in Graphic Design from MCAD in 2007, and have worked at a couple of branding studios here in MPLS.
I want to start out by saying that I've been skeptical of joining the blogging world because of the over saturation of design/art/culture/fashion/music/whatever blogs out there. I do have to preface that I am almost a slave at times to checking certain blogs almost daily, but so much of what I see is just recycled imagery from other blogs with similar content. I once read on a music blog from Detroit (yes, i understand the irony) that anyone with a blogger acount thinks that they're Lester Bangs and has the right to "publish" there opinion. Later I had read another article posted on yet another blog interviewing one of the creators of Ray Gun Magazine and his critique on the blog world is that anyone can "publish their own work with little effort or time involved as opposed to the day of the self-published zine and the amount of time, effort, passion, and dedication it took to produce something tangible and for that reason the real cutting edge and exceptional work stood out. But now since there is such an over saturation of stuff coming out it can be difficult to find the good in all of this.
Well, coming back to why I'm here posting. Ryan was just recently visiting MPLS from Detroit and had asked me if i would like to contribute to the group blog that he is apart of (this one) and he had explained that is more of a sharing of ideas among a circle of like minded people (and from what I understand all native to the Detroit area) living in different parts of the country. I saw that as a great opportunity to stay in-touch with some people I haven't seen in years and broaden my creative view past MPLS which can often be rather isolated.
I hope that this was not to long of a rant for an introduction and I'm very happy to apart if MV and share my influences as well as see all of yours. I looks forward to posting what I feel like.



RK47 said...

brogan!! welcome to MV :) xox!

CJS said...

awesome dude! ;)

CJS said...

glad u made it!

B2 Pro. Yo! said...

i'm glad to be here yal!