Cultural Differences

This conversation happened during a meeting we had at work today:
 (Oniel my counterpart, aka partner at work)

Oniel: "Yeah, and we need to talk to the youths and enforce a dress code... You know, no marinas..."
Everyone: "Yeah, no marinas, no spaghetti straps..."
Me: "..What is a 'marina'?"
Oniel (lifts up shirt to show undershirt): "This."
Me: "Oh, a wifebeater."
Everyone talking at once: "lol, wutt??"
Me: "A wifebeater. That's what they are called in America."
Everyone: "lol, why??"
Me: "I dunno... Oniel, imagine wearing JUST that shirt, living in the middle of the country and yelling at/beating your wife with a bottle of liquor in your hand."
Everyone: "Oh! Haha"


M Ross L said...

I opt for "trailer tuxedo", wifebeater just doesn't roll off the tongue to easy for me.

CJS said...

"oh! haha"

they instantly understand your description. hahaha. :(