This girl is at the place I worked up until today. She's pretty cool/well behaved. She also looks and seems about 16. It's funny that we have a girl that has made so many headlines/is a minor celeb. lolz. Was she doin it for the lolz?,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=79840a28cad1aa31&biw=1280&bih=666

Oh and also wtf:

Notice there's no name mentioned, let alone, her race or a mug shot.

Sources told that there may have been some issues in the girl’s family recently. It's unclear if those problems played any role in Monday’s events.
Right... blame the girl's upbringing. It's not her fault she's a SAVAGE NEGRO BEAST, it's her parent's fault for her being the way she is.
The Canadian immigration system is nothing but a pyramid scheme invented by the liberals
....I won't say too much to protect confidentiality  at my previous employer, but the girl is white. #peoplearerstupidandracist


M Ross L said...

This confuses me.

Sidenote: I remember hearing that the release of the name of a minor in press requires that name be obtained by legal means (released by the police). That probably carries through to personal information.

ewok said...

Yeah.. There is a lot of confidentialty issues when dealing with minors. I actually know her name but am not saying, even though I don't work there anymore.