coldland - no more


CJS said...

hahha, sick. Literally!

Did you catch a cold? I just got over one. My whole family did. Tons of vitamins, echinea tea, cleaning my bedsheets, hot baths with epsom salt, fresh air, mellow excersize, netti pot, and a good diet. Avoid sugar. Good luck! ;)

CJS said...

Also... check my comment on the TRK post you made below!

ewok said...

This made me feel like everything is ok.. Thanks for posting :)

shoeless said...

not sick. thanks though.

just reminded me of our springtime thaw that's happening.

i went for a walk last night 'round 11. pouring ass rain with thunder and lightning and the windchill around 30.
i went barefoot.
so great.
welcome back spring.