The goods


mungibli said...

so what did you offer the dude in trade for it matto?

MATTO said...

Nothing yet :)

I bet he'd be open to all kinds of offers -no collectables! I even bet he'd take deer meat or something like that (skip the bow).

I like the part of the "story" where they throw the bikes overboard into the sea. It makes me really covet this magical bike that was spared from a watery grave, or some "high executives" ownership.

REALLY THOUGH, I think low riders you don't make yourself hold little currency "in the street", but I'll defer to Ross, you know 'cause he's from texas and might know something about "the lifestyle". ALSO, as much as I love cheetos, it's a private thing, with touches of shame.

(and it's purple)

M Ross L said...

All I know about texas lowrider rike culture is you better have some chromed steel that's been twisted. But the scraper bike kids in oakland would have a field day with this shit. It's all about location.

lobsterspine said...

I like the Cheetos stem a lot. Why does it look like the front break is on the outside of the wheel well fender thing on the front wheel?