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Korean beer commercial. 


Angelcakes said...

shut up i love this commercial!! i love lee min ho. i am not even joking. if you like korea you gotta watch boys before flowers (he was the star)...or just go to dramacrazy.net and pick any one. they blow my mind.

ewok said...

LOL awesome. So happy yer down with the korean styles too... Lee min ho is awesome!! Boys before Flowers did some cool shit... Ima check out that site. Yeah, so you get it then Angel, why this beer commercial is as big as it is. :)

Angelcakes said...

first of all a beer with a name 2X doesn't need advertising in my opinion. it's like the best name ever for beer and i know that i would drink it without question.

secondly, koreans are just really into their celebrities and the celebrities advertise EVERYTHING. it would be shocking for us to see shia labeouf wearing eyeliner and wearing a bright blue pleather jacket advertising some banana juice (which yes lee min ho has advertised, youtube it).

their advertising is so different and i love it. i just wanna go there really badly to see what the culture is like. but trying to learn from korean through kdramas may not be the best way. i know how to say:
i love you
thank you
and i think that's it off the top of my head...