words of wisdom

The other day my friend Marciano (Maceo) said this to me. So totally true.

"I've been trying to tell people. You have to DO shit. And you have to do shit during the WEEK too. All this 'I'm too tired.' If you live for the weekend, your life will pass you by."

Words to live by. This week I encourage you to do something that you don't feel like doing. Do it anyway. Do it people!


shoeless said...

how bout raising up 2 kids under the age of 3

all week

every day

all day

even when you're dead tired

good advice though.

ewok said...

yeah I guess that counts. i just meant something you dont have to do. do it anyway.

CJS said...

what about doing shit you don't want to do, and doing shit you do want to do, all week and all weekend long non-stop and then throwing up all over the place and convulsing on the floor like fiona apple? or is that what you are saying?


shoeless said...

i don't think convulsing counts.

you're not 'consciously ' doing that. it just happens. like peeing.

ewok said...

all of these things might work. i just mean work on shit. ima go work on my book.