i can't find da dub siren

porter! i can't find that dub siren for sale that you showed me forever ago. can you u put us on to some modern lo-fi (lo-fizzle?) sound system steez? tell all! tanks! :)


MATTO said...

OH MAN, just got back from the beach- so sorry for the delay.

These three are my favorites, please to ignore the cheap looking webpage and irie red gold and green plastic laminated label, and just know that Jah works in mysterious ways, even on the internets.


CJS said...

the beach! damn you. thank you so much!

anything else along these lines, let me know!

if CCU keeps on rolling like this, i wanna have a live set up less like diplo/laptop djs/blackdice/animal collective and more like a modest home grown sound system.

dual cassette tape player djing, etc.

MATTO said...

I'll try and post some more later-sunburns and sandy shit to attend too.

MATTO said...

What about these?


CJS said...

wow! sooooo hot! (no pun intended)

i heard bout the sunburn.

take your time!

what's the dual cassette player of
of choice for jah selector?

MATTO said...


channel one uk siren- looks nice

MATTO said...

virtual siren style:


scroll down to the rastabox, I looks like you could use this with protools maybe?

MATTO said...

buncha wavs


MATTO said...

Plans for a true DIY style one-

I smell a father and sun garage project...


also put "dub siren" in youtube and you get all kinds of circuit bent weirdness.

But most of the above are all based on the classic NJD sirens that people expect from soundsystems-

But really there are tons of options, I have the JTS SE10, and we used to run it through a delay and it's perfect. We also added a moogerfooger for some more sophisticated modulations, and a cheap sampler (bosssp303 I think) to trigger other kinds of stuff.

Echo is key for any of them to sound nice really.

Some crappy 80's mixers even have them built in (a cheap siren noise), along with funny bomb noizes and gun shots too. We had an awesome one in west virginia someone had covered in tecate stickers that I miss dearly.

MATTO said...

one last virtual one for now:


CJS said...