too soon for tomorrow?


CJS said...

never to early!

i had totally forgotten about matthew sweet

M Ross L said...

Sweet explained. "I didn't have a title for a long time and he knew that I liked the movie Heathers. He thought that we should call it `Winona' because I wanted a kind of a country title and at the time she was still a lot more obscure. First of all it didn't occur to me that there would be a lot of people giving attention to anything I did. And second of all it didn't occur to me that people would think that it was about her. Then by the time the record came out she had actually heard the song through a guy at Rolling Stone and supposedly liked it so I thanked my friend for sending it to her because at the time I didn't think the record was even going to come out. It was a really dark period and I thought, `Well at least Winona Ryder heard my record.' "

CJS said...

wow, amazing!

and appropriate!