someone at work linked me to THE BOY IS MINE by brandy and monica and i responded with SAME GIRL by usher and kells. like 30 seconds later i was scrolling back through the past weeks comments and happened to read yours about the analysis for same girl.


ewok said...

lol same girl... That line about her wearing boy shorts cracks me up. I mean, wtf kind of a lyric is that??

RK47 said...

kells- he's full of surprises. his lyrics kinda always leave a "wtf" vibe. a lot of that in REAL TALK.. suzette, share your findings with the class!!

suzette. said...

one of the real "oh snap" moments involves Kells assertion that this girl was "his potential wife." now, you and I know Kells says that about EVERYONE. real talk, everyone is Kells's potential wife. he says that about his maid. he said that about Chrissy even though Chrissy is a dude. Kells likes to let fate move him. he's seen magnolia fifteen times. he's seen forest gump fifty four times.
Ush on the other hand was just hittin that. even when the chorus changes places near the end and R.Kelly sings, "She was the apple of my eye," Usher's line, Ush replies, "And YOUR potential wife." interesting. ush is giving mad props to Kells's Real Talk, Trust Fate lifestyle here while Ush himself just has questions. so many questions.