Kim Krans at TV Books gallery

Stumbled across these on the internets. Is it just me or does TV books looklike the American version on Nieves? (really, that should read as a compliment) It's like the new age of the art 'zine- and I like it! Check 'em out!


CJS said...

it's like the nieves twilight zone.

are you sure these are real artists, and this isn't just like, some elaborate hoax?

MATTO said...

HAH! That's what I meant.

A little fishing around and my spidey sense says "legit"

Email Tim Barber and find out for reals.

Do some post grad snooping, er shmoozing...

The photo portfolios on tiny vices are too deep to be a hoax and there are real world people on it.

Oh and I got your email- handstyles in production give me like a week to do em and email 'em back.

CJS said...


the souvenir shops of art museums just aren't safe anymore!

n rad rad, take your time, i ain't going no where for a while!