Booked a flight to michigan for a quick weekend in Oct (23-26) and it couldn't come soon enough. Definitely want to catch up with some old heads. Those of you who are tough enough to deal with some serious neck straining record shopping are more than welcome to tag along to some secret squirrel spots, otherwise I'll catch up with youse for a drink/clurb night/apple pick anywhere you want. Holler if you hear me.


audiopants said...

Awesome dude! Make sure we han. I missed you the last time. Do you have my new number?

CJS said...

yeah ryan, just don't go to any shitty parties this time instead of hanging out with the DUDES!!!

i should have my new phone by then, same cell number.

getting jiggy wit it! uh huh uh huh.

CJS said...

party at erocks is wut i'm sayin


audiopants said...

I am gonna go to a shitty party this time, and you're throwing it. JERK!