wipe out

i bit it hard riding my bike yesterday. i got some scrapes but my bike needed $135 in repairs!!! WTF. i think it's karma (once again) for loving this video so much:

i think my spill was definitely worthy of the "women falling" montage. my fave is the lady who takes out the kid on the bouncy castle. that shit gets me every time!!!


CJS said...

haha oh man. the best clip is the lady chuging the bottle of wine, that's more of what i call a "win" or a "week night."

sucks you fell on your bike, but what doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger i guess...

i kinda fell, or failed, the other night too. i try to boycott the hospital for self induced injurys, but sometimes it's got to be done.

the way i look at it, and this video being a reminder, is hopefully any self induced pain can just bring a smile, laughs, or entertainment to somebody else. it makes the pain a lil more worth while if you put on a show, u know?

M Ross L said...

Car slide and rope swing back-to-back?!? They are insane for making that edit, I lost my breath from laughter.