i had to do it.

my roommate is seeing this dude and y'all he is loco. he sent a series of text messages over the past 24 hours that i just had to copy down because they are pure comedic gold: (keep in mind she has been casually dating him for like 2 months...)
7:28 Why no reply, are you busy?
7:55 What r u doing?
8:20 Will you be busy tommn and weekend too?
8:25 Are you with some guy?
8:29 Do you really love me?
8:30 I'm just alone and thinking bout you.
9:02 Can we have sex?
9:04 Are you ignoring me my msgs n phone calls?
9:08 You are upsetting me by ignoring me n nt responding to me.
9:14 Why are you ignoring me?
9:15 I'm sending so many msgs you continue to ignore me??
9:17 I'm so scare tht u will do the same if I marry you in after that.
the next day...
4:13 My parents are asking me to get marry. Can you work out on your tummy fast and become a bride in a month?
4:16 Can you come to try how sari fits you at my friends place?
OMG, wedding proposals crazy y'all. also this is crazy: