Hawaii V2

Lookin' for some advice. Want to get a simple turn table for home stead selecting, but I have no clue....any recommendations on what to look for? Asthetically I am leaning towards this, the Hawaii V2


CJS said...

that looks sick! that's like the one fab five freddy and all the old skool dudes started on! cheeaa

there's a billion rad home turntables out there! u just gotta make sure you can keep a good needle on it or get a new needle.. u know?

porter had a beogram... which was sooooo lovely http://images.google.com/images?hl=en&q=Beogram&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wi

the handy trax is a fun simple solution http://www.turntablelab.com/dj_equipment/1/1992/5004.html

BUT i think if you ever, and finally, get a few days off.. you could travel up to the city and find some store and just get something x10 more amazing over there (than here), with a good needle that you can keep running, u know? that's what i would do!

(p.s. you just don't want to buy a rad looking vintage one, with a busted needle that you can't find a replacement for)

what do u think porter?

MATTO said...

TECHNICS MK2 or the techinics 1200's for sure- those are standard issue heavy duty, repairable turntables. If you ever want to get rid of them they hold their value - pretty good for electronic equipment. All the serato shit is compatible if you ever want to run digital shit...

That hawaii set up looks killer though, space age tiki pad- but I hear you c-monster, bad needles/and old wires could make it a pain

that said if I saw one I'd still buy one.